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    All payments, filings and correspondence should be directed to:

    Maureen A. Josh, DeKalb County Circuit Clerk, 133 W. State Street, Sycamore, IL 60178

    Office Hours8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday   (Closed on all Court Holidays)

   Telephone ContactsCivil – 815.895.7131 Traffic and Criminal – 815.895.7138

Court Forms:



  1. Affidavit for Non-Wage Garnishment

  2. Answer/Response to Complaint/Petition
       a. Answer/ Response Suite
       b. Additional Paragraphs for Answer/Response
       c. Letter to Clerk

  3. Appearance

  4. Appearance Limited Scope
       a.  Notice of Limited Scope Appearance
       b.  Notice of Withdrawal of Limited Scope Appearance
       c.  Objection to Withdrawal of Limited Scope Appearance

  5. Appearance Pro Se

  6. Application for Fee Waiver

  7. Blank Motion

  8. Blank Order

  9. Boxed Order

  10. Civil No Contact Orders Packet

  11. Civil Motion to Continue
       a. Motion to Continue Suite
       b. Letter to Clerk

  12. Civil Notice of Motion and Motion
       a.  Motion Suite
       b.  Letter to Clerk

  13. Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (Divorce No Children)
       a.  Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union Suite (Divorce No Children)
       b.  Summons Petition for Dissolution of Marriage/civil Union
       c.  Entry of Appearance (Petition for Dissolution of Marriage/civil Union)
       d.  Non-Marital Real Estate
       e.  Additional Debts & Liabilities (Divorce No Children)
       f.   Additional Personal Property & Bank Accounts (Divorce No Children)
       g.  Letter to the Circuit Clerk (Filing Forms to Start a New Case)
       h.  Letter to the Sheriff (Serving a Summons and Forms)

  14. Family Court General Order

  15. Financial Affidavit (Family and Divorce Cases)

  16. Forcible Entry & Detainer Notice to Defendant

  17. Foreclosure Appearance and Answer Forms
       a.  Foreclosure Appearance and Answer Forms
       b.  Additional Signatures Appearance

       c.  Forclosure Appearance and Answer Additional Paragraphs

       d.  Forclosure Appearance and Answer Additional Defenses

  18. Foreclosure Motion to Stay Sale
       a.  Foreclosure Motion to Stay Sale
       b.  Additional Defendant Signatures, Names, Addresses Sales

  19. Foreclosure Motion to Vacate Default
       a. Motion to Vacate Default Judgment of Foreclosure
       b. Additional Defendant Signatures, Names and Addresses

  20. Income Withholding for Support and Requirements

  21. Interim Fee Award Order

  22. Job Search Form

  23. Joint Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage
       a.  Joint Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Instructions and Information
       b.  Joint Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage
       c.  Affidavit in Support of Joint Dissolution of Marriage
       d.  Agreement for Division of Assets
       e.  Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage
       f.   New Case Information Sheet

  24. Jury Demand

  25. New Case Information Sheet

  26. Notice of Motion & Affidavit of Service

  27. Order Approving

  28. Order for Continuance

  29. Order of Protection

  30. Order for Support

  31. Probate New Case Information Sheet

  32.    Proof of Delivery
         a. Proof of Delivery
         b. Letter to Clerk

  33. Request for Interpreter
       a. Request and Order for an Interpreter
       b.  Letter to Clerk

  34. Request Name Change - Adult


  35. Request Name Change – Minor
       a. Name Change Suite
       b. Request for Name Change – Child Info
       c. Request for Name Change – Additional Children
       d. Request for Name Change – Additional Parent
       e. Publication Notice
       f. Letter to Circuit Clerk
       g. Letter to Sheriff

  36. Small Claim Complaint

  37. Stalking No Contact Orders Packet

  38. Subpoena, Subpoena Duces Tecum

  39. Subpoena for Deposition

  40. Summons

  41. Wage Deduction Forms
       a.  Wage Deduction Proceedings-how to
       b.  Wage Deduction Notice
       c.  Wage Deduction Summons
       d.  Affidavit for Wage Deduction Order
       e.  Wage Deduction Order
       f.   Interrogatories/answer to Wage Deduction Proceedings


  1. Address Change Report

  2. Adoption Packet

  3. Annual Report- Accounting on Minor

  4. Annual Report on Ward

  5. Answer to Interrogatories by Garnishee

  6. Case Management Order

  7. Certificate of Readiness and Order

  8. Citation Notice

  9. Citation to Discover Assets

  10. Citation to Discover Assets to Third Party

  11. Claim on Contract

  12. Complaint in Forcible Entry and Detainer

  13. Contempt Order

  14. Expungement Information

  15. Five Day Notice--Criminal Offense

  16. Garnishment Summons - Non Wage

  17. Guardian Ad Litem Appointment Order

  18. Income and Asset Form

  19. Mediation Order

  20. Notice of Confidential Information Within Court Filing

  21. Non-wage Garnishment Notice

  22. Non-withholding Wage Deduction Order

  23. Order for Body Attachment

  24. Order for Body Attachment - (Child Support)

  25. Order for Installment Payment of Judgment

  26. Order for Possession of Real Estate

  27. Order of Adjudication - Indirect Civil Contempt

  28. Order Relating to Unemployment

  29. Payment Order for Reimbursement of Court Appointed Attorney

  30. Petition for Hearing

  31. Petition to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspension

  32. Pretrial Conference Stipulation and Waiver

  33. Probate - Deceased Packet

  34. Probate - Disabled Adult Packet

  35. Probate - Minor Packet

  36. Probation Order

  37. Procedures to Schedule Divorce Prove-up Hearing

  38. Rule to Show Cause

  39. Rule to Show Cause - (Child Support)

  40. Satisfaction of Judgment

  41. Small Claims Booklet

  42. Small Estate Affidavit

  43. Stipulation and Order to Dismiss

  44. Tax Objection Complaint Packet

  45. Third Party Respondent Answer to Citation Proceedings

  46. Trial Order

  47. Turn Over Order